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Browse through our selection of anesthesia and respiratory monitoring and measuring products here. You can find flow meters, oxygen conserving devices, regulators, and spirometers. With these products, you can monitor or control the flow of gases! Flowmeters consist of a tapered glass tube that contains a ball which floats on the stream of gas. This ball helps to tell the flow of the gas with measurements on the glass. Most flowmeters are specifically constructed for specific gases since flow rates are different depending on the viscosity and density of the gas. Flowmeters will only work correctly if the tube is vertical and if the tube is not cracked. Oxygen conserving devices and regulators are pressure reducing devices. They are designed to regulate or lower oxygen pressure from its oxygen source such as a cylinder. A Regulator regulates the flow from an oxygen cylinder while a conserving device delivers a pulse of oxygen as the patient inhales. Incentive spirometers help clear you lungs as well as show how well you are breathing. You inhale through them to exercise your lungs when you aren't breathing correctly or enough. Most spirometers are numbered so that you can see how much air you inale and exhale. This device is very useful to help diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, and other conditions. Shop for your monitoring and measuring products here!

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Featured Products

Oxygen Regulator for "H" Cylinder


Price: $224.00


Matrx VMS® O2 Flowmeter Assembly with Flush (USA)

SKU: 91800206

Price: $922.00


SPECTRO2 | 30 Digital Pulse Oximetry System with Comfort Clip Finger Sensor


Price: $1464.50


Ceiling Dial Flowmeter


Price: $196.00


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