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Shop tables and chairs at Med-Vet International. Browse through waiting room chairs and office chairs. Find a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Shop recliners for hospital rooms that are ideal for ultimate comfort. They have wheels for easier transportation. Not only do these chairs have therapeutic benefits but they have a more residential appearance. Shop a wide variety of stools as well. A stool is similar to a chair. It consists of a single seat without back or armrests. They usually have an easy single lever pneumatic height adjuster and have wheels for easy movement. Browse our desks and tables too! Find a variety of sizes and colors for office desks.

Shop treatment tables, wet tables, and examination tables! Treatment tables can have many uses such as for physical therapy. Wet tables is a treatment table with a sink attached. These tables are excellent for all treatment and dental procedures. Examination tables support patients in prone, supine, or side-lying positions. These are the types of tables primarily used in doctors' offices. Buy your table and chair needs here!

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Featured Products

VSSI Grooming Tub 48" with Back Splash and Ramp

SKU: 105-0346-11

Price: $3046.00


60in L Grooming Tub With Backsplash, Telescoping Ramp On Right And Tie Down System, Each

SKU: 105-0446-11

Price: $3296.00


38in Folding Wall Mount Exam Table, Stainless Steel Top, Each

SKU: 171-2940-00

Price: $1269.00


VSSI V-top Surgery Table with Hydraulic Column 60", heated top

SKU: 100-4071-21

Price: $5001.00


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