Shop ultrasound products here. Buy portable ultrasound machines for human and vet. Ultrasound machines use a small transducer/probe. Ultrasound gel is placed directly on the skin that will be examined. When the transducer is pressed onto the skin, it transmits high frequency sound waves into the body. The transducer receives the sounds bounced back. The transducer then collects the sounds that bounce back and a computer uses those sounds to create an image. By measuring echo waves it is possible to determine how far away objects are. This makes it a similar concept to how bats sonars work. You can buy ultrasound gel as little as as 250ml to 1 liter. The gel is used to get better images. It helps facilitate sending sound waves into the body. Ultrasounds can be used to diagnose pain, swelling, and examine babies in pregnant women. Ultrasounds are safe and do not use ionizing radiation. Find probe covers as well! They are used as hygienic protection for probes and assists in the prevention of cross contamination!

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