Suction Supplies

Shop suctioning supplies here. Fluid waste generated from medical suction is classified as medical waste. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), improperly managed medical waste can put patients, staff, and community members at risk of infection, toxicity, and environmental damage or contamination. Find OR supplies like yankauer suction tubes and suction canisters. Yankauer suction tubes are used during procedures to clean away excess fluids, smoke, or debris from the surgical site. Suction tubing should be discarded daily when used. Suction tips are usually used for 24 hours. Both tubing and tips may need to be changed more frequently, especially after suctioning blood or vomit. The medical waste gets suctioned into a canister. Suction canisters provide a safe way to dispose of medical waste. Canisters are either reusable or disposable, and disposable liners can also be inserted in the canisters. A solidifying agent is typically added to the canister to solidify the contents inside. Reusable canisters must be cleaned and disinfected after disposing of the waste. High-level disinfection and sterilization is advised when using these canisters. Shop for your suctioning products here at Med-Vet International.

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