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Buy your medical equipment here. Browse through a variety of cabinets and shelving that are great for medical and office use. Find wire shelving that can have multiple purposes. Buy the whole shelf or just parts if you want to expand storage space. You can create your own storage unit with shelves, hooks, and posts to customize the height of shelf space.

Browse through different sizes to find one that meets your needs. Most shelves do not require any tools for assembly. Buy cabinets to store medical supplies. Filing cabinets are a necessity for document storage. Find x-ray filing cabinets as well. These are ideal for holding cassettes, film, jackets, and anything related to imaging. Narcotic cabinets secure narcotics by locking up and only allowing authorized personnel to have access to the contents inside. This helps control and regulate the dispense of narcotics. Whether it's a shelf for storage, filing cabinet for documents, or a narcotic cabinet, we have it here. Whatever you need, Med-Vet International has you covered!

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