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Shop patient lifts and transfer aids here. Hoyer Lifts are a type of patient lift. However, they are becoming so well known the term is on its way to becoming a generic trademark. Patient lifts are a type of assistive device that is used to safely transfer patients. They can be portable or ceiling lifts. They are usually used to transfer individuals between a bed, a chair, or other similar places. Patient lifts usually require slings. You can purchase these separately, and they come in different sizes and styles for your specific needs. Transfer boards are typically flat rigid boards made of wood or plastic. They are used to bridge two surfaces for easier transport. This allows patients to move to a bed or chair without using their legs. A person may need to use a gait belt which lets someone assist a person to move more easily. A gait belt is worn around a person's waist and allows them to be lifted with the support of the belt. Shop transport gurneys and stretchers here as well. Stretchers and transport gurneys are ideal for patients with limited mobility. A stretcher requires lifting while a gurney is a wheeled stretcher that can be pushed. They are ideally used for transporting hospital patients. Buy your patient lifts and transfer products here at Med-Vet International!

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