Shop a wide variety of x-ray markers at Med-Vet International. X-ray markers have many different names like anatomical side markers, lead markers, pb markers, and radiographic film identification markers. These markers are used to mark x-ray films. The anatomical markers are placed within the primary beam of radiographs and are visible in films. Find the classic "L" and "R" markers or find more specific markers for your needs.

The "L" and "R" markers are commonly used to label the anatomical side of the body in films. Conditions like situs inversus, when all of the internal organs are on the opposite side, can easily be misinterpreted and stresses the importance of using markers. When radiographs misrepresent right from left, they raise a huge risk for medical errors. Some markers can label more such as the date, name of patient, positioning of the body, and more. The benefits of using these markers are that they are easy to read and can withstand long exposure in radiographs. A few of the x-ray markers we carry: Classic Elite Markers - These classic left/right markers are an industry standard, but the reliability and variety of these radiation markers have grown to fit the needs of every imaginable imaging procedure.; Clip Markers - Clips are a wonderful solution for portable imaging when attaching a marker to a cassette. Wafer Thin Markers - Wafer thin markers boast easy bucky clearance and are ideal for use with newer digital equipment. Get traditional left/right, ruler, arrow or word markers in the wafer thin style. As a side note, because of how often these markers can be used it is recommended that they are cleaned on a regular basis. From letters to numbers, find individual markers or full sets here at Med-Vet International!

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MedVet Featured Products

Elite 1
                        " R/L Marker Set w/Initials.

Elite 1" R/L Marker Set w/Initials.




X Ray Markers, Set of 2, (Left and Right), INITIALS CANNOT BE CHANGED

X Ray Markers, Set of 2, (Left and Right), INITIALS CANNOT BE CHANGED

SKU: JOR1185



Identifier 1
                        " R/L Marker Set NO initials

Identifier 1" R/L Marker Set NO initials




X-Ray Label Tape by Medical ID Systems Inc

X-Ray Label Tape by Medical ID Systems Inc

SKU: 14201078



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