Browse a variety of ear, nose, and throat supplies. Find different types of scopes like otoscopes, endoscopes, and retinoscopes. Otoscopes are used for viewing the ear canal and ear drum. Endoscopes are used to view inside the body. A retinoscope is used to observe the reflection off a person's retina. Shop for parts and accessories such as tongue depressors and speculas. Tongue depressors are typically thin wood sticks that are used to depress the tongue to get a better view of the mouth and throat. Speculas are Funnel-shaped otoscope attachments that are designed for use during examination of the ear canal and eardrum. Disposable speculas help prevent the spread of ear infections. You can find both reusable and disposable speculas here. Look at our selection of accessories such as panels to hang scopes, and charger as well.

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