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Shop collars and harnesses. Browse harnesses like the halti harness. These harnesses are designed to stop a dog from pulling by providing front control. The halti harness steers the dog from his chest the the halti head collar steers the dog from their head. The halti harness is great for dogs that don't like or cannot wear the head collar. These harnesses do not put painful pressure on dogs. When a dog pulls, their chest and shoulders steer them back towards you. Find a small selection of classic collars and leashes or a wide selection of dog cones. Dog cones, which are also known as Elizabethan Collars or E-Collars for short, are shaped like a truncated cone and used to prevent your pet from licking or scratching wounds. One of the most common reasons for use is after spaying and neutering. The classic plastic cones are cheaper than the comfort cones. They are adjustable and come in a variety of sizes. The soft elizabethan collars are designed first and foremost for the comfort of the pet. They also allow for easier eating and drinking than with the traditional E-Collars. From classic plastic cones to softer comfort cones, you can find them at Med-Vet International!

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Featured Products

Elizabethan Style Collar, Size 12.5

SKU: EC12.5

Price: $2.65


Elizabethan Style Collar, Size 10


Price: $3.81


Elizabethan Style Collar, Size 30


Price: $4.00


Elizabethan Style Collar, Size 25


Price: $3.50


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