Shop height and weight scales at Med-Vet International. Find both mechanical and digital scales to monitor weight. Mechanical scales have springs and levers that can wear out over time. This may make your weight display inaccurately. Digital scales can be more accurate than mechanical scales. Digital scales have fewer pieces inside that can break. These scales convert the force of a weight to an electric signal. Digital scales are easier to read as well. However, there can be pros to the mechanical scale. The mechanical scale is easier to calibrate and does not require batteries whereas digital does. Browse through a variety of weight scales, from home to vet. We carry scales for small animals like cats and large like horses. There are even scales for people in wheelchairs. Shop height scales and rods to accurately measure height with easy to read markings. Buy your weight and height scales here at Med-Vet International!

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Featured Products

Digital Pediatric Scale, 44 lb. capacity

SKU: 553KL

Price: $406.00


Seca 222 Wall-Mount Extra-Tall Stadiometer Telescopic Height-Rod, each


Price: $99.95


LCD Cat Scale, 44lb Capacity, Weighs in Ounces or Kilograms, Each

SKU: 110-5090-07

Price: $404.00


JorVet Walk-On Scale, 42"


Price: $890.00


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