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Abdominal and lumbar support comes in many styles and options but are used for post-operative patient care. Many different styles include full support; this includes binders or belts that begin at the top near the chest and go as far down as the knee. They could also be as simple as a rib, chest or waist belt. Back braces and lumbar braces are important in aiding proper body mechanics. This is essential for individuals in jobs with heavy lifting or post-surgical recovery to assist in lumbar stabilization as well as to prevent injury for individuals with bulging discs, chronic and acute back pain as well as other back conditions.

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Featured Products

Premium 9
                    " Tri-Panel Abdominal Binder L/XL

Premium 9" Tri-Panel Abdominal Binder L/XL




Infant Heel Warmers (case of 100)

Infant Heel Warmers (case of 100)

SKU: MDS138007



Wytex Cotton Cast Padding, 3
                    " x 4 yds., 12/Bag

Wytex Cotton Cast Padding, 3" x 4 yds., 12/Bag

SKU: MDS066003Z



Wytex Cotton Under-Cast Padding, Non-Sterile, 4
                    " x 4 yds, 12/Bag

Wytex Cotton Under-Cast Padding, Non-Sterile, 4" x 4 yds, 12/Bag

SKU: MDS066004Z



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