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Med-Vet International carries a wide selection of anesthesia and respiratory equipment. You can browse through a variety of anesthesia machines and parts. An anesthesia machine prepares a gas mixture that is delivered to a breathing system and delivers this gas mixture to patients undergoing surgery. You can find both humidifiers and vaporizers here. Water is removed from medical gases and external humidifiers compensate for the lack of humidity when a patient is breathing in gases. Humidification during anesthesia is very important. It prevents adverse changes in airways and possible pulmonary damage. A vaporizer is typically attached to an anesthesia machine. It controls the vaporization of anesthetic agents from liquid and controls the concentration in which these agents are added to the gas flow. Find cylinder tanks for oxygen therapy. Oxygen tanks are medical devices used to deliver and regulate supplemental oxygen to a person that does not get enough oxygen. Find accessories and carrying devices for these tanks here as well. A scavenger is used to gather and remove gases from the patients breathing circuit or ventilation circuit. A ventilator is a machine that helps patients breath who cannot breath on their own. It is often used for short periods such as during surgery. Ventilators blow air into airways and lungs. Buy your anesthesia and respiratory equipment and accessories here!

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