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Shop rollators, walkers, and hybrid rolling walkers here. Standard walkers are used to maintain balance while walking and do not have wheels. Walkers must be lifted up and down before stepping forward. These can be used to support partial weight. Unlike rollators, these do not contain seats. There are accessories available to enable them to slide forward. Having two front wheels turn them into hybrid rolling walkers. These also do not have seats. Rolling walkers can be used to slightly support weight and maintain balance. Because there are two wheels that can move forward quickly, care must be taken. Rollators have wheels on all legs. These do not need to be lifted in order to move forward. Because they move so much easier, these should not be used to support body weight. If used improperly, they can result in falls. Rollators have a seat and some have removable backs for balance while sitting. This allows for rest when needed. Shop accessories for rollators, walkers, and hybrids as well. Find gait trainers, replacement seats, wheels, baskets, and more. Browse our selection of walking aids here at Med-Vet International!

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