Veterinary Equipment

Shop veterinary equipment here. Find large equipment like grooming tubs and parts. Our grooming tubs come with back splash and a ramp. The ramp has an easy one-handed operation that locks in an upright position and a non-skid surface. Browse our selection of stainless steel cat and dog cages and accessories for clinics. Shop for cage parts, singles units, or whole assemblies. Stainless steel cages are easy to clean and leak-resistant. We also carry a variety of sizes for the units. Buy laser devices for therapeutic laser therapy. Therapeutic laser therapy uses light energy that is cold or low level. Light used at specific frequencies causes change at the cellular level. It replenishes adenosine triphosphate, reduces inflammation, and decreases pain transmission. Frequency of treatments varies for every pet. It depends on the type of laser used, the disease being treated, and if it is a chronic or acute problem. Shop other equipment like microchip readers and much more!

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