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Shop for foot protection supplies here. Buy shoe covers and boot covers. Shoe and boot covers are a part of personal protective equipment, PPE for short. They create a barrier between micro-organisms and the person wearing them. They are extremely useful for those that work in medical or science environments. They are fluid repellent and some are non-skid by having traction at the bottom. Shoes and boots under the cover should be completely enclosed. No open-toed shoes or sandals and the top of the shoes should not be absorbent. Shoe and boot covers should "live" in a certain area. This means it is highly recommended that shoe covers should not be worn outside the unit they are worn for. If they are used in surgery, they should not leave the operating room. Every small step you take with shoe covers helps to lower the risk of contamination. Help keep environments clean and sterile. Buy your foot protection supplies here at Med-Vet International and shop in small quantities or large!

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