Restraints & Muzzles

Med-Vet International sells a variety of restraints and muzzles. Find restraints like the cat sack and dog catchers. The cat sack is great for restraining your cat when you need to medicate them, give them a nail trim, or whenever control is needed for hard to handle cats. The cat sack is available in three styles. All styles feature a quick-close collar, two-way zipper for front and rear access, and zippered openings for front paw access. The original which offers front paw and back access from the neck or tail. There is one with a rear underside zipper and one with a full underside zipper. A quick-close zipper flap and pull-tab provide efficient, fur-free application. Dog catcher poles are used to capture and guide animals safely without them being able to reach you. You can also find handling gloves here to offer extra protection against bites. Shop a huge selection of muzzles for dogs and horses. Muzzles help to prevent biting such as a preventative measure at the veterinary clinic. Browse nylon, leather, and comfort muzzles here! Here are some "Don'ts" with dog muzzles: Leave a muzzle on your dog while unattended, Use a muzzle as a prevention method to stop destructive chewing, Use a muzzle on an unsupervised dog to stop a barking problem, Use a sleeve muzzle if it should be on the dog no longer than 1 to 5 minutes use a basket muzzle instead

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