Shop lubricant jelly at Med-Vet International. Find the popular brand Surgilube that is a sterile lubrication. It eases discomfort when inserting catheters, endoscopes,surgical instruments, magic bullet suppositories, and gloves into body orifices. It is safe and effective for lubricating all body orifices with bacteriostatic and antimicrobial chlorhexidine. It is also water soluble for easy cleanup and nonstaining. The flip-Top cap conveniently allows the tube to be free standing. The large easy open, ergonomic design also enables single-handed use. The foil packs are designed for single use and reducing the risk of cross contamination. This screw cap metal tube is the classic style tube. It is the ideal option when a metal tube is preferred over laminate. The self-piercing cap allows for convenient opening and closing. You can buy petroleum jelly here, which has many uses, as well. The most common use is for skin protection. It moisturizes rough, dry, chapped skin or can be used to help soothe diaper rash. It can help to heal minor skin scrapes and burns or helps keep skin moist during post-surgery healing. Buy uour lubricant jellies here!

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