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Crutches are often used when leg injuries are involved. There are two main types of crutches. Underarm crutches, which are also called auxiliary crutches, are the most common type of crutches. People in recovery from ankle or knee injuries typically used these. The forearm crutch is another main type, also known as the elbow crutch. These crutches have an open cuff that grips the user's forearm and a handle for grabbing. Walking canes are helpful for those that have balance or stability problems. There are many cane types such as the single point, multiple point, quad cane, and folding canes. Single point canes have just one support point at its end. These are the most common type of walking canes.

Multiple point canes like the quad cane have several points that touch the ground. These canes can stand-alone and offer the highest level of support. Quad canes come with either a wide or small base. The wider the base, the more support it provides. Folding canes are designed to fold for easy storage. This type is ideal for those that like to conveniently store their cane. Not only are there different cane bases, but handles on canes can be different too. The crook cane has a rounded handle. The T-handle canes are known as straight handle canes. These are designed to reduce stress and hand fatigue. The Fritz canes are similar to T-handle canes but they have an extra curve for better comfort. The Fritz cane is the most popular and ranks the highest for comfort. The offset handle canes are shaped like a question mark. Almost all quad canes today are designed with this type of handle. Find many canes like classic wooden canes or fashionable canes. Whatever type of crutch or cane you are looking for, Med-Vet International has you covered!

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Child (4'2"-4'6")Push Button Crutches, 2pair/case

Child (4'2"-4'6")Push Button Crutches, 2pair/case

SKU: MDS80337Z



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