Daily Living Aids

Shop daily living aids here. Find dressing aids like dressing sticks. Dressing sticks are great for those that have trouble bending or only have the use of one arm or hand. This product is typically a long plastic stick with a hook at one end or both ends. They are used to assist in putting on shirts or jackets, pulling up pants, removing socks, and more. Some can come with a small hook on one end to aid with zippers or shoelace loops. Find dinning aids like weighted utensils, super grip utensils, and other special utensils. Weighted utensils are ideal for those with limited hand control such as those with Parkinson's. Super grip utensils are meant for those with limited grasping ability. These are typically designed with larger handles and textured handles to reduce slipping. Find other special dinning aids such as utensils with long handles, or guards for plates. You can even find regular plastic utensils here to buy in bulk for a great price! Browse through our selection of reacher sticks to aid in retrieving items. Shop these aids and more at Med-Vet International!

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Featured Products

Skil-Care 915130 3 x 24 x 18 in. Bariatric Gel-Foam Cushion with LSI Cover, each

SKU: 915130

Price: $149.00


Sock Aid, Soft, Gray, 24/case


Price: $119.36


Aid Toilet Bathroom Self Wipe Ea


Price: $60.32


Hand Held Reacher, , Size


Price: $28.91


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