Browse through our selection of wheelchairs for those that can't walk. Find manual, transport, and powered wheelchairs. Transport wheelchairs are designed for patients to be pushed by someone. Their small wheels make it impossible for patients to move the wheelchair on their own. These wheelchairs are lightweight and are typically meant for those who can walk but tire easily. Transport wheelchairs are usually smaller than standard wheelchairs. Standard wheelchairs have pros and cons when comparing to motorized wheelchairs. They are easier to transport, don't rely on charging, and have less risk of maintenance. However, they are harder to go longer distances or up slopes and require the right level of strength for one to use on their own. Motorized wheelchairs also have pros and cons. They go great distances and do not tired people out. These are much heavier and harder to transport though. They require regular battery charging and are typically more expensive to purchase. Shop our selection of wheelchairs to find the right fit for you here at Med-Vet International!

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