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Shop surgical drapes and operating towels here. Surgical drapes are used to keep areas sterile during surgery. They prevent contact with unprepared surfaces and keep the environment and equipment sterile. This reduces the risk of transmission of pathogens to patients and staff. Drapes can be made to be used just once or reusable. There is a considerable amount of variation in sizes and designs based on needs and surgical site. The risk of pathogen transmission increases when materials become wet. A good drape prevents the penetration of liquids. Reusable drapes are typically made of different material than disposable ones. These drapes are usually thicker and are durable after many cycles of resterilizing. Buy them sterile to save time or non-sterile to save money. Find them as small as 4X8 inches to as big as 89X128. Operating towels, or OR towels for short, have many uses and don't necessarily have to be used in operating rooms. They can be used to clean operating tables, tools, and equipment. They are absorbent and meant to handle bodily fluids and other spills. Like drapes, there are disposable and reusable towels. Shop different case quantities for both surgical drapes and operating towels here at Med-Vet International.

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