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Shop for anesthesia and respiratory masks here! Find all types of masks such as aerosol,CPAP,oxygen, and general anesthesia. Aerosol masks are used for the administration of a nebulizaed solution, humidity, or for oxygen enrichment. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure tharapy. It uses a machine to help people who have obstructive sleep apnea. A mask that covers both your nose and mouth is known as a full face CPAP mask. A mask that just covers your nose is a NCPAP mask. Oxygen masks are typically used to deliver oxygen to people who are not getting enough. The may also provide relief for those with respiratory disorders. Anesthesia masks provide anesthetic gases or vapors through inhalation. They fit over the mouth and nose. Med-Vet International also sells fit tests to make sure respirators fit correctly. There are four qualitative fit test methods. Med-Vet International has 2 of those four. We offer a bitter and a sweet solution for fit testing. A fit test tests the seal between the respirators facepiece and your face. Fit testing does not measure the amount of leakage if a respiratory does not fit correctly but will pass or fail based on if you detect a leakage or not. The bitter solution will leave a bitter taste in your mouth if your respiratory does not fit correctly and the sweet soluton will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. Buy your anesthesia and respiratory masks and supplies here!

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