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Shop bathroom aids ideal for elderly and those with limited mobility. Browse products like raised toilet seats, grab bars, commodes, shower chairs, bath benches and stools, wash basins, and more. Grab bars enable a person to maintain balance when standing. They are usually installed next to a toilet or in a shower. The placement and direction are important. There are pros and cons to each direction. The vertical grab bar installation is gentle on arthritic hands and allows easier grip. They help rather than support the weight of the person. It doesn't offer as much leverage to push up as it does to pull up.

The horizontal grab bar installation enables people to safely rotate between facing and standing against the shower jet. It offers sturdy leverage when pulling self into standing position from the floor, and it is great for assisting shower bench users who need to stand when installed at waist level. The con to this installation is it is limited to a fixed height, and it is not as easy as other angled options to pull self from sitting to standing. The diagonal grab bar installation can accommodate a range of heights. It allows a smooth transition between sitting and standing.

There is a risk of hand slipping when trying to raise self from seated to standing position with this installation unfortunately. Raised toilet seats increase the height of toilets. This reduces the distance a person needs to bend to use the facilities. This helps to prevent falls for those with mobility issues. Browse through our selection of commodes. These are movable toilets that do not require the use of running water. These are ideal for those that need to stay in bed most of time. They are very useful for those that are weak and unsteady. Shower chairs and bath benches/stools improve safety. They decrease the chance of falling by providing a secure area to sit on in the shower. Wash basins can have many purposes such as washing your hands, face, or soaking limbs. Whatever bathroom aids you need, you can find it here at Med-Vet International!

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