Cautery & Electrosurgery

Shop cautery and electrosurgery supplies. Cauterization is a technique of burning a part of the body to remove or close off a part of it. It it commonly used to remove an undesired growth and was once a widespread treatment for wounds. Electrosurgery uses radiofrequency energy to produce a controlled superficial tissue burn. The typical frequency is quite high. This ensures that the current passes through the patients tissue as opposed to producing an electric shock effect. Find handpieces, pencils, loops, grounding pads, electrosurgical units, and smoke removers in this section. Cautery pencils are intended for coagulating tissue or arresting bleeding from small vessels by heat conducted through the wire tip. Electrode loops are tools used in electrosurgery that pass current. Grounding pads are attached to patients and return the current distributed from electrodes to the generator. The generator is the electrosurgical unit which is the equipment that produces a variety of electrical waveforms. Smoke removers remove surgical smoke that can come from electrosurigal generators. Shop all of your cautery and electrosurgery supplies here!

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