Stapler,Surgi-close 24 cartridges of 20 staples

JorVet Surgi-Close Staples, 20/Cartridge, 24 Cartridges/Box, J0800

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Stapler,Surgi-close 24 cartridges of 20 staples

Surgi-Close Skin Staplers. Wound closure with the most economical external stapler just became easier. Over 80 percent of all human surgical wound closures involve the use of skin staplers. In veterinary surgery, less than 10 percent of surgeries utilize skin staplers.

Why is there such a wide difference in usage?

The use of skin staplers has been limited in veterinary surgery due to the high cost of disposable human skin staplers. The use of sutures with needle packs has been less expensive to close the skin (average cost ranges $4-$5). The introduction of the Surgi- Close stapling system addresses the specific needs of the veterinary surgeon.

  • Better apposition of skin edges with better cosmetic results
  • Less reactivity of stainless steel staples
  • Significantly faster wound closure
  • Ease of learning proper technique
  • 20-pack staple cartridges cost less than a pack of needle suture, and is a hugesavings over conventional throw away skin staples
  • Both handle and staples are provided sterile
  • Staple cartridges are inserted into the handle and are specially designed to reduce jamming
  • Handle can be autoclaved for repeated use
  • 20-staple cartridge sufficiently closes a 4"-5" incision
  • Closed staple shaped squarely, restricting movement or rolling of a staple

Surgiclose Staples. 24 pack of 20 staple cartridges. New packaging in dispensing box. Each cartridge is in its own separate chevron shaped pouch.

Alternative to products like ZipStitch instant stitches and Sutures
  • Easy to use
  • For deeper wounds
  • Faster than Stitches
  • Easier to remove than Stitches
  • Fewer issues with scarring
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