NEEDLE,27 X 1.5,100/BX

AHS Needle, 27 X 1.5", Hypodermic, 100/BX, AHS2738RN

VENDOR: American Health Service
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NEEDLE,27 X 1.5,100/BX

This AHS AHS2738RN Needle is a 27 X 1.5" Thin Wall needle. Thin wall needles are thinner than regular wall needles. The outside diameter is the same size. However, the inside diameter is bigger than the regular wall's inside diameter. Thin wall needles provide more comfort with an increased flow rate.

This hypodermic needle is a hollow needle used for withdrawing fluid like blood samples, or injecting medications.

This quantity is 100/BX

The states of NY, CT, IL, NJ, NH, DE and MN restrict the sale of syringes and needles to licensed professionals and entities. By proceeding to purchase through our website, you acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age.

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