SYRINGE,3CC 20 X 1,L/L,100/BX

AHS Syringe & Needle, 3mL, Luer Lock, 20 X 1", Hypodermic, 100/BX, AH03L2025

SKU: AH03L2025
VENDOR: American Health Service
SYRINGE,3CC 20 X 1,L/L,100/BX

AHS AH03L2025 3mL Syringe & Needle Combo comes with a clear barrel and easy to read graduation marks. The Luer Lock tip of this 3mL syringe fits conventional and safety needles.

This AHS Needle is a 20 X 1" Regular Wall needle. Regular wall needles are more rigid than thin wall needles, providing extra support and less flex due to added annula thickness.

This hypodermic needle is a hollow needle used for withdrawing fluid like blood samples, or injecting medications.

This quantity is 100/BX

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