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Bovie Electrosurgical Unit 220V

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
This is a top-of-theline Electro surgical unit made by the original Bovie Company. They first invented the Electro surgical unit in the 1920s. The complete table top unit is fitted with veterinary specific equipment. Five modes: cutting, cutting/coagulation, coagulation, fulguration, bipolar. User has option of handpiece finger switch or foot control
  • Rotary dial operates power; shown in 1 watt increments via LED readout
  • Reusable body pad (ground plate)
  • Built-in bipolar (requires optional foot pedal)
  • Five 3/32" electrodes; interchangeable with other same size brands
  • 101/4"W x 51/2"H x 10"D, 14 lbs.
  • U.L. approved Accessories Included:
  • Two Disposable Handpieces (JOR484md1a)
  • Autoclavable Handpiece (JOR484md1c).

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