Clip, medium/large applicator, angled 28cm
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Titanium Hemostatic Sterile Clips (Appliers), Medium/large clip applicator, Green, angled 28cm

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Clip, medium/large applicator, angled 28cm
Pure titanium annealed to a malleable consistency providing maximum vessel occlusion and zero memory to prevent tip opening after application. Biologically inert, radiolucent and non-magnetic for use with MRI or related scanning equipment. Chevron shape provides progressive and encompassing tip-to-tip closure before complete and secure occlusion of tissue or vessel. Diamond-shaped grooving and interlocking atraumatic teeth design of the clip ensures enhanced security in vessel closure. Striation is composed of small pyramidal heads, similar to tungsten inserts from needle-holders, insuring a firm, multidirectional, non-hurting vessel grip. Triangular-shaped wire fits perfectly into the custom grooves of our appliers to provide mechanical power during application of the clip. Specially designed surface treatment and annealing provide a secure atraumacity. The exclusive small/medium size has been designed to match specific intermediary vessel sizes requested by surgeons. The cartridge is designed with effective clip retention, adhesive cartridge backing, and ergonomic design to insure precise and effortless clip loading.
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