Plate, distal femur, 2.7mm, right
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Distal Femur Plate, 2.7mm, right

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Plate, distal femur, 2.7mm, right
Fracture repair in the Supracondylar femur region can be challenging, particularly in medium to large dogs. Forces acting on this region are complex and must be neutralized. In addition, the bone shape makes the use of standard plates virtually impossible. JorVet supracondylar plates are designed to fit the distal femur with a minimum of further contouring. These plates are curved on the distal end to follow the natural bone curvature. The plate thickness tapers distally from 1.5mm to 1mm on 2mm plates. In cats and small dogs supracondylar fractures are usually simple and transverse, hence the 2mm plates are relatively lightweight. Medium and larger dogs typically have more complex fractures at this site with multiple fragments, requiring much more plate support. Our 2.7 and 3.5 plate’s shape and strength reflect this. Apply the plate when possible to the lateral surface of the femur.
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