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Intended for Veterinary Use

Emeraid Omnivore Intesive Care, 100gm Pouches


Emeraid Intensive Care Omnivore is highly digestible nutrition scientifically designed for critically ill omnivores, including companion parrots, doves, chickens, finches, canaries, some lizards, and some small mammal pets. Its ingredients have been broken down into small, easy-to-absorb components. This elemental nutrition provides nutrients in small sizes like amino acids for easier and quicker assimilation of nutrients. The omnivore then can use his or her energy to heal instead of using it to digest. The powdered formula is mixed with water to feed.

  • High energy (2.39 kcal/ml ME)
  • 6-month shelf life after opening
  • Usable in tubes as small as 5 Fr without clogging
  • All ingredients are optimized for assisting stressed patients, including amino acids, easily digestible protein, omega-3 fatty acids, purified fiber, cellulose, antioxidants, stabilized vitamins, chelated minerals, balanced electrolytes, and more
  • Balanced omega 3 and 6 polyunsat

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