Gas Scavenger System,GasVak scavenging system, single station

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GasVak™ scavenging system, single station

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Gas Scavenger System,GasVak scavenging system, single station
The JorVet GasVak Scavenger System is an active unit that removes waste anesthetic gases at the pop-off valve on all anesthetic machines or from the end of a non-rebreathing system. The waste gas is then vented outside the clinic via a vacuum fan power unit.
  • Mounted next to outside wall
  • Up to 25' of tubing or PVC pipe can be on exhaust, allowing exit through the ceiling or going up and over another room.
  • Works best with one anesthesia location and one anesthesia machine.
  • Scavenger tubing provided
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