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Intended for human use

Normosol-R Electrolyte Injection, Nonpyrogenic Isotonic Solution, IV Fluids, 1000mL

VENDOR: Normosol

Normosol-R is a sterile, nonpyrogenic isotonic solution of balanced electrolytes in water for injection. The solution is administered by intravenous infusion for parenteral replacement of acute losses of extracellular fluid. Normosol-R is a parenteral fluid and electrolyte replenisher.

When administered intravenously, Normosol-R provides water and electrolytes for replacement of acute extracellular fluid losses without disturbing normal electrolyte relationships. Normosol-R also can be used as an adjunct to restore a decrease in circulatory volume in patients with moderate blood loss.

Normosol-R is not intended to supplant transfusion of whole blood or packed red cells in the presence of uncontrolled hemorrhage or severe reductions of red cell volume.

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