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Ultrascope Stethoscope w/ dual head (TO ORDER: Select scope, head number and tubing color)

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Enormously popular in the human medical field. The stethoscope head is pressure sensitive for assessment of heart and lung sounds. The scope will filter noises, such as barking dogs, while amplifying heart and lung sounds. Combines great acoustics with your choice of 15 custom colors (call for choice of color) & 25 custom designed heads. Features cardiology style tubing. Total weight 4 oz. The head design features an acoustic resonant amplifier with frequency range 20- 35 kHz and solid acrylic one-piece design weighing 2 oz. Ultrascopes are custom made to order, therefore they are non-returnable. NOTE: If diaphragm wears out due to normal wear, it will be replaced for free.
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